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Sunday, March 7, 2010

March is Women's History Month ... Meet The Women In My Life # 2

March is Women's History Month ... Meet The Women In My Life # 2. This a beautiful wedding photo of my great aunt Bridget (Gallaher / Gallagher ) Mickschls. She married Jacob in La Crosse, Wisconsin November 13,1894.

Bridget was born March 12, 1869 to Patrick and Johanna ( Riordan ) Gallaher/ Gallagher in LaCrosse Wisconsin.

Jacob and Bridget had 6 children, Mary Catherine 1896, Katherine A 1897, Rose Ella 1899, Jacob 1901, Browd 1904 and Christina 1909.

Bridget passed away in LaCrosse Wisconsin March 12, 1869.
I know very little about Bridget but I do have several photos of her with my great grandmother Katherine in my collection of family photos.
I have had contact with another family member who is the great granddaughter of Bridget. Hopefully I will maybe find out a little more about Bridget from her.


  1. I really liked the picture. When I enlarged the photo, I realized that I too had a picture from this photographer in LaCrosse --- small world.

  2. how interesting. wouldn't it be fun if our relatives knew each other. thanks for stopping by