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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - Grandma Grace and Grandpa Bill

Sentimental Sunday ... anything I post about my grandma Grace and grandpa Bill Day is always sentimental. I grew up with them in my life, living just blocks away from each other. I saw them several times a week with trips to church a couple of times a week, helping them with their lawn work and just visiting, drinking ginger ale and eating cookies.

This is my grandparents in the early 1950's. Grandma is in her fur coat and best hat. Grandpa is so cute in his coat and hat and ready to go to church.

I have a bear made out of this coat. My sister took mama's mink and grandma's fur coat and had stuffed bears made for all of us girls.

I have many wonderful memories of my grandparents...

Surname Saturday the Lockwood Family

I'm following my ahnentafel report for my Surname Saturday posts. Tonight I am doing the Lockwood family line. Little late since it is Sunday but here we are.

I do not know much of my Lockwood family

13. Carrie Lockwood born October 7 1870 to John and Betsy Jane (Eddington) Lockwood
married William Albert Day January 9, 1889 in Minnesota. Died April 1946 in MacGregor Minnesota.

26. John T Lockwood born to Hiram and Emma ( Moiser) Lockwood February 1, 1840 in Columbus county, New York
married Betsy Jane September 25, 1863 in Waupun, Wisconsin. Died February 13, 1911 in Clinton, Minnesota. John is my civil war ancestor. Was in the Wisconsin Calvary with his brother

52.Hiram Lockwood born 1804 New York
married Emma 1837 New York. Died ?

Much work to be done on this family line in the future..

Thanks for stopping by to visit... Grace