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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth Of July Let Freedom Ring

I want to take this time to wish all of you a Happy Fourth of July. As I am spending time with my family today I will also be reflecting on all I am grateful for. I live in America the land of the free. I have the freedom to vote, the freedom to protest, the freedom of religion. My ancestors came here as early as the 1600's. I have found three direct grandfathers that fought in the American Revolution. My sweet late dad was in the Merchant Marines during World War 11. At one point during the war his ship torpedoed. Only one life was lost during that incident. My youth was spent during the Viet Nam War. I lost school mates to that terrible war. I know of Veterans who are still fighting that war within themselves. I have walked the Vietnam Memorial , touched the names and cried. May God Bless these men and women the ones still with us and the ones we have lost.

We are still at war and during the this holiday while we are spending time at picnics or other family doings we have soldiers in foreign lands who are in danger so we can still be free. Lets take some time today and every day to pray for them. To pray for their safety and for them to return home to their families alive.

Today I am sharing some pictures of my visit to the Statue of Liberty. This picture of the Statue of Liberty was taken on a trip to New York in 2000

Take care, Be safe and thank a member of the Armed Service for all they do. And while you are at it thank a police officer, fireman/woman

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