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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Monday, July 6, 2009

Has been really hot here in Texas the last few weeks so we pretty much stayed in on Sunday in the air conditioned apartment. The great thing about that is I just sat in front of the computer much of the day and searched on http://www.ancestry.com/ . I had been in contact with a distant cousin and she emailed me that she had posted pictures and information on my dad's side of the family. How fun is it to see a picture of a my great grandfather Adam and great grandmother Rachel in a wedding photo. They married in 1886. They are suppose to look like they are in a boat. How cute is that. His dream was to see the ocean before he passed away. They got as far as Colorado in their moves. He never made it to the ocean. When I spent 3 years in San Diego and would walk the beaches I would think about his wish and was glad I had made it there even for only three years.
Then there was the picture of my great great great grand father Bella Millsap that I saw for the first time . Sad thing it was a picture of him at the bed side of his second wife who had passed away. I can just feel the saddest in him. His first wife had died in 1835 so this picture is some time after that. I have not found the date of her death yet. Some say she died in 1838 at the age of 39 years. When you look at the picture she is not 39 years old. She is an old lady. That is why you never want to down load someone's information. I will take the hint and try to prove it but will want to find my own information if I can. I found so much more but will share that with you another night.
If you have not checked out www.ancestry.com give it a look. I love all that I have found. Sorry I put off joining till lately.

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