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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Plan of Action Investigate a Sibling or Cousin

My plan of action was to learn more about my Great grandfather Arthur R Hall. I have spent several hours on http://www.ancestory.com/ and have gathered the census for Arthur and his wife, and his daughters including my Grandma Alta.
I found a small genealogy book my aunt Alice wrote about the Hall family and learned some things about Arthur and on his father George. We will go into George at a later post.
Arthur was born in Evansville Wisconsin in 1805. His father was George and his mother was Louisa ( Reynolds ) Hall. As a child he attended school at Union Township Section 20 at the stone school house built in 187? He then attended and graduated from the Evansville Seminary in 1884. I have not found as of yet that he practiced in the ministry.
He helped build the third home, a 2 story house on his parents farm and at least 2 other that were similar about town.
He went on a adventure to Denver Colorado where he married Mable Jane Coleman August 28, 1891. I know nothing about their romance at this time. When did they meet and where. Did he visit Denver earlier and return to marry her or was living in Denver for a period of time part of the adventure.
After marrying the couple moved to Chicago, Illinois and lived there for seven years. ( Other records have it as 4 years so I am not sure.)
This would of been during the Chicago World's fair in 1893. I have in my possession a souvenir from that fair. This souvenir was passed down to me from my grandma Alta who was their daughter. I wonder if he help build this magnificent fair.
This was an exciting time in Chicago. I read the fiction / non fiction book " Devil in a White City " by Erik Larson http://www.randomhouse.com/crown/devilinthewhitecity/home.html. It was a great read about this time.
Arthur was a carpenter and fathered 3 daughters. They were living in Chicago when my grandma was conceived , she was born in Evansville Wisconsin. They must of gone there to visit family just before her birth. They returned to Chicago where the second daughter Mae Bell was born in 1895. In 1898 they moved to Nebraska and lived in Geneva where in 1901 the third daughter Pearl was born. They also lived in Taylor Nebraska for awhile. In 1919 they moved to Crawford Nebraska. While visiting his daughter Alta ( Hall ) Zion in Craig Colorado he passed away of hardening of the arteries around his heart.July 8 1919. He was returned to Crawford and buried. I am on a search for his grave. Notes on his wife my great grandma Mabel say that she died in Arkansas and she also was buried in Nebraska so they are probably together.
I need to get the census reports for Mabel (Coleman) Hall his wife, this hopefully will tell me where she was living shortly before they married. Was she in Chicago with her family during that period. But that is for another day in my search for my great grandfather Arthur Hall and my great grandma Mabel Coleman Hall.

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