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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who Were My Great Grandparents Part 7

I am now at Great Grandparent number 7... This is my great grandfather Arthur Reynolds Hall.

He was born September 19, 1863 to George and Louisa ( Reynolds) Hall in Evansville, Wisconsin.

He was the oldest child of four children. His siblings were Florence, Marcus and George.

Arthur attended the School at Union Township at the Stone School House built in the 1870's. He graduated from from the Evansville Seminary in 1844. After his adventures in Denver, Colorado he married Mabel Coleman on August 28, 1891.

They had three children the oldest my grandmother Alta. They moved to Chicago, Illinois and lived there for seven years. This was during the time of the Chicago World's Fair. He had a small heart shaped souvenir that he gave to Mabel. This has been passed down to me and is one of my most prized treasures..

He was a carpenter most of his life and may of worked on building the fair.

In 1898 he moved to Nebraska and lived in Geneva and Taylor and in 1919 moved to Crawford.

Shortly after he died of hardening of the arteries around the heart while visiting his daughter Alta in Colorado.

He was brought back to Crawford, Nebraska and buried there.

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