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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Black Sheep Sunday ? Murder ? Maybe a Pirate to Add to the Story

Black Sheep Sunday is a posting that some genealogists do on Sunday's . I have never participated before and can not think of any proven black sheep at this time in my family.

How do you find if you have a black sheep in the family? Search family records, letters, search court records.

No family history has been passed down except for maybe " I think Bill was Murder by his brother in law. " This is not known or proven, but aunt Mary did have a feeling and a suspicion.

How would you try or want to prove this murder when it happened over 80 years ago. There is no way to prove it but it is whispered still. Mary whispered it to her sister. Her sister whispered it to her daughter, my grandmother. My grandmother whispered it to her children and one of them whispered it to me. I will eventually whisper it to my children and grandchildren.

Of course I can not name names because there is no proof. Only Mary's feelings and maybe she was a little sensitive to things going on around her.

Now on hubby's side of the family. No proof but, there has been stories passed down for generations that he had a pirate on his father's side. This pirate probably was a bad pirate, causing so much trouble. Family talk is that he was finally hung at Tripoli. Who knows but another fun black sheep to pass down to the grandchildren.. And for sure a better story than I think Bill was murder by .....

Thanks for stopping by... Do you have any black sheep in your family? I would love to hear your stories.. Grace

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