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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grandma Katherine and Her Guardian Angel

I have this wonderful vintage picture that hangs over my bed. It is called " The Guardian Angel". It once belonged to my great grandmother Katherine. I was told it hung over her bed and now has been handed down to me.

Vintage treasures that belonged to our ancestors are the best treasures I think. Money can buy new things but they have no value to me compared to knowing my great grandmother once held this picture in her hands.

Katherine was my grandma Grace's mother. She was born to Irish parents who came to America after the potato famine in Ireland. Lived almost all of her life in Minnesota , the last years in Mora.
This is Katherine with her husband Appleton.


  1. I have the same picture hanging near my bed too! It was hanging on my grandmother's wall when I was a small child. It's quite a comfort, isn't it!

  2. Yes it is, thanks for stopping by.