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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Degrees of Separation

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Degrees of Separation over at http://www.geneamusings.com/

Find an ancestral line that stretches back to the time of the US Revolutionary War (1775-1783), about 230 years. Define your person-to-person connection (the person actually met the next person on the list) back to a historical figure from that time.

1. Me ( 1948 to ???) I knew my daddy of course ( 1922 - 2009).

2. I am pretty sure my dad met his maternal grandmother Mabel Coleman. (1872 - 1946)

3. I would think that that Mabel would of known her maternal grandfather Lemuel Cheuvront ( 1812 - 1896)

4. Lemuel Cheuvront probably knew his paternal grandfather Joseph Cheuvront.

5. Joseph is my Revolutionary war veteran . Joseph was born in France 1755 near the Swiss border. Family tradition says he was born to Roman Catholic Parents and was educated to by them for the priesthood. While yet in his teens he came in touch with the Methodist and accepted their faith to the great displeasure and grief of his parents. His parents disowned him and mourned him as dead. He became a stowaway on a vessel bound for America and upon arrival in New York was " bound out " to John Ellsworth who paid the captain for his passage. Joseph married John's daughter Elizabeth. They had six children. Joseph enlisted in the American Revolutionary war in Spring 1780 and continued his service until the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia, October 19, 1781.
Joseph's wife Elizabeth died and he remarried Sarah.
Notes say his record of service has been recorded at the DAR and membership granted his descendants. Joseph died March 31, 1832. I started an application and did not get far. Need to try again with help from a member of the DAR.

Maybe Joseph met George Washington. I probably will never know but I am proud of Joseph my fifth great grandfather.
So that is 4 generations to my ancestor and 5 to George Washington.
I have visited the National Archives in Washington D. C. and have some papers requesting pension from his wife Sarah.

Next ancestor is John Rouse.

1. Me ( 1948 to ???) I knew my daddy of course ( 1922 - 2009).

2. I am pretty sure my dad met his maternal grandmother Mabel Coleman. (1872 - 1946)

3. I would think that that Mabel would of known her maternal grandmother Mary Rouse ( wife of Lemuel Cheuvront from above ancestor) ( 1813 - 1904 )

4. Mary Rouse probably new her paternal grandfather Smith Rouse ( 1769 - 1840)

5. Smith Rouse's father was John Doty Rouse born Dec 9 1741 in New York. Married Hannah Smith. I have the records of his service from the National Archives. The records say he served 11 months actual service as a lieutenant and captain in the N. Y. troops, Revolutionary war; part of the time he served under Capt. Thompson and Col. Graham. He enlisted at Northeast N. Y. John died January 19, 1834 New York

That is 4 generations to John Doty Rouse who maybe met George Washington.

My third known ancestor to be in the Revolutionary war would be Ebenezer Coleman Sr ( 1731 to 1824).
This line once again begins with my great grandmother Mabel Coleman

3. Mabel would of known her paternal grandfather Elic Chalker Coleman Sr. (1805 - 1873)

4. Elic Chalker Coleman would of known his paternal grandfather Ebenezer Sr. (1731 -1824)

5. Ebenezer was in the Revolutionary war per family history. I do not have his papers handy to get further information or neglected to get them when visiting Washington D C years ago. Further research needed her.

Interesting to note Mabel had 3 ancestors in the Revolutionary war. The fourth grandparent would be on the Beiler line and I do not know much of this family's history.

Thanks for stopping by tonight and viewing some of my family history. Hope to see you again someday. Grace

Surname Saturday the Coleman Family of England

I'm following my ahnentafel report for my Surname Saturday posts. Tonight I am doing the Coleman family line.
11. Mabel Jane Coleman born July 01, 1872 in Greenwood, Nebraska married Arthur Reynolds Hall August 28, 1891. Arthur and Mabel had three children Alta ( my grandmother, Mae Bell and Pearl. Mabel died March 14, 1946 in Arkansas

22. John Henry Coleman born June 16, 1839. John married Alta Angeline Cheuvront July 1, 1866 Greenwood, Cass County, Nebraska. John and Alta were married July 1, 1866 and had five children. Elic Lemuel born 1868, Mabel Jane (my great great grandmother) born 1872, Elmer Henry born 1874, Alta Myrtle born 1876 and Mary Crystal born 1880. John Henry died September 20,1922.

44.Elic Chalker Senior born January 10, 1805. Elic Chalker married Catherine Beiler September 1, 1825. Elic and Catherine had eleven children. Jane born December 06, 1826, Matilda born October 11, 1829, Ebenezer born November 13, 1831, Mary Catherine born November 16, 1833, Lucy born August 06, 1835, William born July 12, 1837, John Henry ( my ancestor)born June 16, 1839, Amy born January 13, 1841, Elic Chalker Jr born April 23, 1843, Amanda born April 25, 1846 and Martin Luther born June 12,1848. Elic died September 1 1873

88.Ebenezer Jr. born November 5, 1781. Ebenezer married Lucy Hildreth. Ebenezer and Lucy had 8 children. Elic ( my ancestor), Elisha, Chester, John, Hiram, James, Erastus and Annie. Ebenezer died March 08, 1873.

176.Enezer Sr born October 29, 1731. Ebenezer married Rachel Wright May 2, 1771. 11Ebenezer and Rachel had four children. Fredrick, Ebenezer (my ancestor), Rachel and Niles. Died 1824.

352.Niles born February 20, 1707. Niles married Elizabeth Strong May 9, 1731. Niles and Elizabeth had three children. Ebenezer (my ancestor), Josiah and Niles. Died ?.

704.Ebenezer born August 29, 1680. Ebenezer married Ruth Niles March 11, 1705. Ebenezer and Ruth had four children. Ebenezer and Ruth had four children, Niles (my ancestor), Ruth, Mahittabel and Mary. Ebenezer died November 30, 1740.

1408.John Coleman born 1635. Married Mary Day, Mehitable Johnson Hannah Porter. Mehitable and John had 3 children Elizabeth, Ebenezer (my ancestor) and Nathanial. John died January 21, 1711.

2816. Thomas born 1598 England Thomas married Katherine Higginson, Frances Albright and Frances Belcher. Thomas and Katherine had one child that I know of my ancestor John. And three children with Frances Belcher. Thomas died October 1, 1674.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tracing My Coleman Family Line From England part 1

I can trace my Coleman line back to Thomas Coleman who was born in Svesham, Worcester, England in 1598. Thomas is my 9th great grandfather. Parents unknown at this time.
At http://www.ancestry.com/ I find that he married Katherine Higginson, Frances Albright, and Francis Belcher. I believe that Katherine Higginson is my ancestor John's mother. John was born in 1635 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
Thomas married the two Frances after John's birth date.
There are three marriages for Thomas. First is to Katherine, April 22, 1619 with no source noted. Second one in 1646 to Francis Albright

and Francis Belcher in 1650.
These are sourced on marriage records at http://www.ancestry.com/
Also I found Passenger and Immigration list index telling that Thomas came in 1635 the same year that John was born. Name of ship unknown at this time. Katherine either got pregnant during the trip to the United States or after arriving in America. The trip from England to America would of taken about two months.
At Ancesry I found a biography on Thomas Coleman, this will give me further sources to read when I can get to a genealogy center that carry these sources. The biography itself is very small with not much more to learn than what I have.
It mentions his son John saying he was a freeman and that he probably removed to Hatfield, Massachusetts in 1659. That his first wife was killed in 1677 , along with daughter Bethia. This could of happen during the Indian wars . http://www.hampshirecountyhistory.com/hatfield/barber/index.html

Each of us has a family story to tell. My family stories mainly begin with the beginning of settling of America. History full of excitement, adventure, births, deaths and hardship.

Hope that you will join me again as I continue to tell my family story.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Sister and Me in Texas

Almost wordless Wednesday... here is a picture of my sister Mary and me in Texas.

Taken June 22, 1952

My sister is on the right side with the natural dark curly hair

and I am a blond with not natural curls.
Thanks for stopping by... Grace

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday Remembering My Great Great Great Great Grandfather Michael Cossell

Michael Cossell
died Aug 9 1847
72 years
This burial located in Cossell Cemetery
Monument moved May 1 1964

Michael is my great great great great grandfather.
He was born January 14 1763
Augusta , Washington county, Virginia to Abraham and Martha Bessie ( Flinner ) Cassell
Michael married Mary Fleenor before 1799 and had eleven children.
died Charlestone Cole, Illinois.