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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet My Daddy Art

Today is a day to remember my father. We all think our father is the best in the whole world and that is how I feel.
He was there for us always. From the first day of my life until he slipped into dementia he was there. He raised us in a good christian home, worked as hard as he could to give us what he could. He was at my mother's side when she went through the pains of polio and always loved and took care of her. He took my mother's mother and sister into his home and helped to support them for years. And even during the last 10 years as he slipped deeper into the dementia he was there. He always remembered us his children and sometimes the grand children. He made us laugh with his smile, a joke or a funny comments.
Daddy passed away a year ago today. It was a hard day for us his love ones but we knew he was being released from this world to join mama and his family. No more surgeries and no more pain for him. And no more daddy for me to kiss and hug. I spent the last week of his life with him in the hospital hardly leaving his side. I just wanted to kiss him, hug him and smell the scent of him.
Those last days nurses who had taken care of him over the years at nursing homes would stop in to see him and talk with us. Many people loved my father and he always had a smile for them.

I miss him terribly but I know my mama is no longer lonely while waiting for him to join her.

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