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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday Mary Being Dedicated As A Baby To The Lord

Okay almost Wordless Wednesday. I am never totally quiet.

This is a picture of my sister Mary being dedicated to the Lord as a baby. The pretty lady is my sweet mama Muriel and the handsome man is my daddy Art. Not sure who the minister was.

This picture is late 1948. Take a look at her hat isn't that something. Wish I had that hat today.
I was born in San Antonio, Texas. Dad went to bible college to be a preacher. I am not sure if he was out of college and preaching at this time or still in school.

I know we were in Texas either San Antonio , Highland or the Bay town area. I will need to figure that out in the future if I can.
Still trying to find out how many places we lived in Texas. I asked my sister and she is not sure either.

In the religion I was brought up, Pentecostal we were dedicated to the Lord as babies and baptized as young adults.
I love and treasure this beautiful photo. My mom and dad are now gone from this place. When I have their photos around me they are still near.
This photo and a copy of this posting will be added to my family binder of research and memories.
Thank you for stopping by..... Grace


  1. Lovely family photo. What a very handsome family! Thanks for sharing.

  2. thank you for stopping by and taking a look and thank you for commenting. I love my photos even more now that my parents are departed.