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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mom and Dad Young and In Love in the 1940's

They were young and in love. It was the early 1940's. What a love story. My father was working as a sailor on the Great Lakes in 1943. His ship entered the port of Duluth, Minnesota having crossed Lake Superior. While in port on a Sunday morning he went to a little church in Duluth, where he met my grandparents. Having loving and warm hearts my grandparents invited this sailor home for Sunday dinner. There he saw my mom's picture on the mantel. He feel in love with that face and had to meet her. That Sunday she was working at the Asian Restaurant in downtown Duluth. Within days he went to the restaurant and introduced himself to her. That was May of 1943. He courted her the over the next weeks and on October 30, 1943 they married in that little church.
That love story lasted until Mama died in 1998. At that time my Dad was suffering from dementia. I feel somewhere deep within him he still remembered that beautiful young woman.
Over the next 55 years they had their good times and their hard times. Shortly after marrying they moved to Texas and went to Bible College in San Antonio where my dad graduated as a minister. The picture above is from that time and place. I was born in 1948, my sister in 1950. Mama got polio in 1953 and was not expected to live, but with God's good graces' she came out of the hospital and raised us. There were 2 more children born both boys. The first was named after my father but was premature and passed away within 3 days. In 1963 my brother David was born.
There are so many memories of my parents. They were fantastic. Warm and loving to not only us but also to each other and their families. We grew up in a close knit Christian home. Church was a weekly function. We had great times then with many memories and stories to share at another time. This is just the start of my parents story. They are both gone in body with my dad passing away last September. I still feel them around me everyday. I am lucky to have had both of them for as long as I did and I miss them terribly. I hope that some day my boys will remember me with the fondness that I have for my parents.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"I Wonder Who You Are " My Brick Wall

This is my super brick wall. My grandmother Grace was born in July of 1892 in Minnesota, but her mother never married her father. Great grandmother did marry in December of 1893, to a wonderful man who raised my grandmother as his own.
I was never really told much about my grandmother's birth father while growing up.
They did tell me his name. We were led to believe that he was a no good scoundrel who took off for Chicago. I wish my grandmother would have talked about him, but she was of another generation. That is all we got, he was no good and went to Chicago.
It was not until my mother and uncle were getting older that they finally pulled out a picture of him some time in 2000. My darling uncle even whispered "Our little mama was illegitimate."
At least we have a name and a picture. This is one of my great grandfather's. His name is Andrew. I really doubt he went to Chicago.
I tried to get my grandmother's birth certificate but no luck as there is none available to the public. I have searched the census in the area where I think he may have lived and may have found him. I even found a cemetery in the area with a grave with the same name as his.
But until I find some one with the same photo on the Internet I will really never know that I have found him. All I have is this photo of a handsome young man. His name is Andrew and he is one of my grandfathers. For what ever reason they never married. He probably was a good man who moved on after he and my great grandma never got together. He probably married , had children and died.
I do know he saw my grandma Grace at least once. My great grandma's brother had died in an accident in 1911. Andrew came to the funeral. My great grandma said " Andrew this is our Grace"
How I wish my grandma Grace had talked about him and anything else she may have known about him and his family. She never did and this one photo is all I have .

Monday, July 13, 2009

Great Aunt Grace Got married in 1929 What was Happening

The last post was a picture of my great aunt Grace in her pretty wedding dress. What an exciting day that was for her I am sure. She was 29 years old and getting married for the first time.

Tonight I was looking at that picture and decided to print out the historical information for my family note book to put with her picture. Below is the link I used

http://blogs.ancestry.com/circle/?p=870&o_iid=23560&o_lid=23560. From there I found the year in question.this is copied from their site so not only can you read what happened but you also can have the link to more information.

The year was 1929 and is probably best remembered for the October 29 “Black Tuesday” stock market crash that signaled the start of the Depression Era.
President Herbert Hoover continued to express optimism with statements like, “Any lack of confidence in the economic future or the basic strength of business in the United States is foolish,” but fortunes had been lost, unemployment rose, and the “Great Depression” would last into World War II.
In Chicago, one of the most notorious crimes of the era takes place on February 14, when seven gangsters who were members of Bugs Moran’s gang were gunned down in a warehouse on Clark Street in Chicago, in what is now known as the St. Valentine’s Day massacre. No charges were ever filed on the infamous murders, but it is widely believed that Al Capone and his gang were behind the crime.
The year 1929 had its share of natural disasters too. Off the coast of Newfoundland, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck and set off a tsunami that killed 28 people, devastated coastal communities on the Burin Peninsula, and ruptured 12 transatlantic telegraph cables.
In the U.S. an F5 tornado devastated parts of Arkansas, the lower Mississippi Valley suffered severe flooding and an ice storm hit New England.
In February, Dartmoor in Great Britain had one of the worst snowstorms in history. The storm dumped over six feet of snow on the area and the winter was one of the most severe on record in Britain. Europe also suffered cold temperatures, with record lows set in Germany and Austria in that month.
Fire took its toll in 1929 when a fire at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio killed 123. The fire began when x-ray film got too close to a lightbulb and ignited. The poisonous fumes given off by the burning films killed most of the victims. More information and photos are available on the Cleveland Public Library website.
In entertainment, the first Academy Awards ceremony took place. The cost of admission was $10 and the awards ceremony lasted five minutes, with fifteen statuettes being handed out. “Wings,” starring Clara Bow, Charles “Buddy” Rogers, Richard Arlen, and Gary Cooper, won best picture.
That same year the Marx Brothers made their film debut with Cocoanuts. Ernest Hemingway wrote, A Farewell to Arms, and ironically one of the most popular songs was Happy Days are Here Again, which was released just prior to the stock market crash.

Wow what a year that was.