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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

IDENTIFY FAMILY MEMBERS WHO IS THAT WOMAN? Family Names Esler Day Gallagher Kramer

Do you have a pile of old photos as I do? Old family photos that have been passed down can be a true mystery. My goal this next year besides working on my family history is to attempt to identify some of these pictures.
This small black and white photo is of my grandmother Grace Daly Esler Day on the left side and my great grandmother Katherine Gallagher Esler in the middle. Now who is the lady on the right?
Known facts are this picture is probably take in the Mora Minnesota area outside of Katherine's house.
Katherine passed away the 19th of March 1940.
My grandmother Grace was born in 1893 and I can see just a bit of gray at the front of her hair. So she is about probably in her 40's. We gray early in my family sadly.
The dresses and hair styles are from the 1930's
Chances are it is a family member pictured with them and could be my grandmother's half sister Merle Esler Kramer who was born in 1906 and was about 13 years younger than grandma Grace.

That is what I am leaning towards. Will need to find other pictures of Merle to compare. Her is a picture of Merle at a later time in her life.

This picture would of been taken of my great aunt Merle Esler Kramer when she was living in Michigan.
Will find more pictures of her and work at further study.
Thanks for stopping by.. hope that you check back again. Grace

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