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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Is Each Record the Same Person? Is That My Gallagher / Gallaher

In Each Record I find I wonder Is that the same person? Is That My Gallagher / Gallaher?
I am working on attempting to get information on my Gallagher family line. I know who my great great grandfather is. His name is Patrick Gallagher and he immigrated from Ireland. My struggle is searching for him from the time he was living in La Crosse Wisconsin area backwards to when he came to this country.
I find a Patrick in the 1850 census living in New York age 11 listed with family. Father is Daniel, mother is Margaret and living in the home is 5 other siblings Mary, Bridget, Margaret, Ellen and John. Birth date is about 1839 born in Ireland.
Jump forward to the 1870 census where I know this my Patrick. He is living in Hamburg, Vernon County Wisconsin. Age is 32 and birth year is about 1838. Living with him is his wife JoAnna 30, daughters Mary age 4 and Bridgett age 2 and son William 7 months old. My great grandmother Katherine is not born yet.
The age works on these two censuses for Patrick so could be my ancestor.
Now we go to the 1860 census. I do find a Patrick and JoAnna Gallagher living in New York but the age is wrong. We have Patrick at age 30 and JoAnna at 26. This could be the wrong family or the census taker could of written the ages wrong. No way to know for sure at this time.
In the 1860 censurs living next door to Patrick is an Owen Gallagher. First name is not the same as my siblings in the 1850 census. Could be a brother who was not living in the home or could be a cousin or no relative again.
Just something to keep on the back burner as I continue to search for my Gallagher. Another name to watch for is Riordan as I search. That is JoAnna's maiden name.
On my want list is death certificates for both Patrick and JoAnna and any news articles I may find from that time period in Wisconsin where they were living. Also interesting to note is that Patrick named a daughter as Mary and Bridget and in the 1850 census Patrick had sisters Mary and Bridget.
Thanks for taking the time to read and if we happen to share relatives in common I would love to hear from you. Grace

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