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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Writing Tips for Genealogy Researchers ~ Writing Our Family Story The ZION line

Good morning everyone
This morning I received an email from Family Tree regarding Writing Tips for Genealogy Researchers.  They are offering the opportunity to write your family history with the help of Abbott Press. While a great idea is a costy idea for me to tackle at this time. I was interested enough to click on the link and find out that tip 3 is JUST WRITE.

Tip #1: Find Your Focus

Do you have a feisty great-great grandmother you admire? A long line of war veterans? Decide what topic is most noteworthy and branch off from it to discuss your other research.

Tip #2: Create an Outline

Don't get too detailed, but decide how you'll divide the chapters (chronologically, by branch, geographically, etc.), and what sort of information you'll want to include.

I have some books written on at least 2 of my ancestors that were written by others. They are a great way to start my personal family stories. The quest is to really just start writing. But where to start is the stopping point. Do I write several small books on my different branches or one big book.
I feel the best way to start is to separate it into 2 branches and then start the outline.
Since I do have a book on part of  my mother's line I will start with my father's family the ZION family name and branch from there.

I love this picture of John Dees Pennington and Rachel Zion Pennington. Rachel is my third great grand aunt sister of McCormick my third great grandfather. Rachel is wearing glasses but they are perched on her forhead.
Hope that you will join me as I begin my New Year project of putting my family history into words for future generations. Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

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