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Saturday, December 17, 2011

SURNAME SATURDAY McGuire FAMILY James McGuire born Ireland died Battle of Blue Licks 1782 Kentucky

 Saturday evening and I will continue my Surname Saturday postings. Tonight I am working on my family McGuyer / McGuire family. This line is on my father's side the Zion side.
1. Grace Zion

2. Arthur Zion b April 30 1920 d Sept 15 2008
3. Muriel Day b Feb 23 1922 d Feb 28 1998

4. Perry Zion b Dec 12 1886 Kendal Kansas d Dec 21 1958
5. Alta L Hall b June 26 1892 Evansville Wisconsin d Feb 21 1944

8. Jonathan Zion b Sept 29 1861 Decatuer Iowa d April 07 1927 Craig Colorado
9. Rachel Millsap b April 19 1862 Mount Ayr, Ringgold county Iowa d May 13 1945 Spanaway Pierce county, Washington

18. Flavious Armenious Millsap b Nov 10 1832 in Bedford Lawrence  d April 02, 1910 in Syracuse Kansas, Lawrence married
19. Anne Woodmansee on Sept 01 1857 in Leon Decatur Iowa. She was b July 10, 1841 Indiania and  d July 04 1904 Kansas

36. William Bela Millsap b Jan 10, 1797 in Green Co, Tennessee d August 15, 1885 in Decatur Co Iowa
37. Elizabeth McGuire b Nov 17 1805 in Kentucky d Aug 14, 1835 in Lawrence, Indiania

74. John McGuire b 1780 Kentucky d 1840 Indiania
75. Lucy Hensley b 1782 Virginia d 1854 Indiania

148. John McGuire b 22 April 1756 Dublin Ireland d 10 April 1837 Kentucky
149. Nancy Holden b Dec 1756 Ireland d 2 May 1837 Kentucky

296. James McGuire b 1734 Ireland d 19 Aug 1782 at Battle of Blue Licks Kentucky
297. ? Margaret Elizabeth Black

Tonight while doing some research on this family name following links at ancestry I came up with the last three families.  I need to do further research to verify all the information available on ancestry.
Information was found on ancestry through census reports and other documents available.

Writing Tips for Genealogy Researchers ~ Writing Our Family Story The ZION line

Good morning everyone
This morning I received an email from Family Tree regarding Writing Tips for Genealogy Researchers.  They are offering the opportunity to write your family history with the help of Abbott Press. While a great idea is a costy idea for me to tackle at this time. I was interested enough to click on the link and find out that tip 3 is JUST WRITE.

Tip #1: Find Your Focus

Do you have a feisty great-great grandmother you admire? A long line of war veterans? Decide what topic is most noteworthy and branch off from it to discuss your other research.

Tip #2: Create an Outline

Don't get too detailed, but decide how you'll divide the chapters (chronologically, by branch, geographically, etc.), and what sort of information you'll want to include.

I have some books written on at least 2 of my ancestors that were written by others. They are a great way to start my personal family stories. The quest is to really just start writing. But where to start is the stopping point. Do I write several small books on my different branches or one big book.
I feel the best way to start is to separate it into 2 branches and then start the outline.
Since I do have a book on part of  my mother's line I will start with my father's family the ZION family name and branch from there.

I love this picture of John Dees Pennington and Rachel Zion Pennington. Rachel is my third great grand aunt sister of McCormick my third great grandfather. Rachel is wearing glasses but they are perched on her forhead.
Hope that you will join me as I begin my New Year project of putting my family history into words for future generations. Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

IDENTIFY FAMILY MEMBERS WHO IS THAT WOMAN? Family Names Esler Day Gallagher Kramer

Do you have a pile of old photos as I do? Old family photos that have been passed down can be a true mystery. My goal this next year besides working on my family history is to attempt to identify some of these pictures.
This small black and white photo is of my grandmother Grace Daly Esler Day on the left side and my great grandmother Katherine Gallagher Esler in the middle. Now who is the lady on the right?
Known facts are this picture is probably take in the Mora Minnesota area outside of Katherine's house.
Katherine passed away the 19th of March 1940.
My grandmother Grace was born in 1893 and I can see just a bit of gray at the front of her hair. So she is about probably in her 40's. We gray early in my family sadly.
The dresses and hair styles are from the 1930's
Chances are it is a family member pictured with them and could be my grandmother's half sister Merle Esler Kramer who was born in 1906 and was about 13 years younger than grandma Grace.

That is what I am leaning towards. Will need to find other pictures of Merle to compare. Her is a picture of Merle at a later time in her life.

This picture would of been taken of my great aunt Merle Esler Kramer when she was living in Michigan.
Will find more pictures of her and work at further study.
Thanks for stopping by.. hope that you check back again. Grace

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Is Each Record the Same Person? Is That My Gallagher / Gallaher

In Each Record I find I wonder Is that the same person? Is That My Gallagher / Gallaher?
I am working on attempting to get information on my Gallagher family line. I know who my great great grandfather is. His name is Patrick Gallagher and he immigrated from Ireland. My struggle is searching for him from the time he was living in La Crosse Wisconsin area backwards to when he came to this country.
I find a Patrick in the 1850 census living in New York age 11 listed with family. Father is Daniel, mother is Margaret and living in the home is 5 other siblings Mary, Bridget, Margaret, Ellen and John. Birth date is about 1839 born in Ireland.
Jump forward to the 1870 census where I know this my Patrick. He is living in Hamburg, Vernon County Wisconsin. Age is 32 and birth year is about 1838. Living with him is his wife JoAnna 30, daughters Mary age 4 and Bridgett age 2 and son William 7 months old. My great grandmother Katherine is not born yet.
The age works on these two censuses for Patrick so could be my ancestor.
Now we go to the 1860 census. I do find a Patrick and JoAnna Gallagher living in New York but the age is wrong. We have Patrick at age 30 and JoAnna at 26. This could be the wrong family or the census taker could of written the ages wrong. No way to know for sure at this time.
In the 1860 censurs living next door to Patrick is an Owen Gallagher. First name is not the same as my siblings in the 1850 census. Could be a brother who was not living in the home or could be a cousin or no relative again.
Just something to keep on the back burner as I continue to search for my Gallagher. Another name to watch for is Riordan as I search. That is JoAnna's maiden name.
On my want list is death certificates for both Patrick and JoAnna and any news articles I may find from that time period in Wisconsin where they were living. Also interesting to note is that Patrick named a daughter as Mary and Bridget and in the 1850 census Patrick had sisters Mary and Bridget.
Thanks for taking the time to read and if we happen to share relatives in common I would love to hear from you. Grace