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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Friday, January 8, 2010

Public Library Challenge Part I (52 Weeks to Better Genealogy - #1)

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy.. This is the challenge put forth by Amy Coffin (and hosted at http://www.geneabloggers.com/52-weeks-challenge-1/The challenge period will be Saturday through to the following Friday.

Week 1:
Go to your local public library branch. Make a note of the genealogy books in the collection that may help you gain research knowledge. Don’t forget to check the shelves in both the non-fiction section and the reference section. If you do not already have a library card, take the time to get one. If you have a genealogy blog, write about what you find in your library’s genealogy collection.

Well of course I am late again. Did not pay attention and did not know about the challenge until tonight, Friday night the last night.

First off need to find the closest library in Richmond. There is one I have been meaning to visit so many need to take a ride there and see what they have in genealogy.

Second guess I need to sign up for a library card.

I just did a search at http://www.swagbucks.com/ for libraries in Richmond and my library is the George Memorial Library. From their Internet site I found the following information.

George Memorial Library (GML), the main library in the system, has the largest collection of materials in the Fort Bend County Libraries system. GML has a particular focus on large-print books, parenting, Spanish-language books, teen materials, literacy materials, and text books from LCISD and FBISD.
GML also houses the Genealogy and Local History Department on the second floor of the building; the department's resources focus on the southeastern United States and includes materials relating to the history of the South, federal censuses, genealogy, and the Civil War. The Joe Grillo Science Center is located in the Children's Department on the first floor.
WiFi Access George Memorial Library provides free WiFi access to the public throughout the building. Contact the Adult Reference Department at George Memorial for more information and connection instructions to use your personal laptop at the library.
Printing and Scanning Printing from the public access computers is accomplished through the use of network laser printers. You must use a library card to print. There is a cost.
Microfilm copies The Genealogy and Local History Department at George Memorial Library has several microfilm reader/printers available to the public. Copies are 10¢ per page and payment is by coin.
I do not think many of my ancestors were in the south eastern area of the US but will take some time soon and see what they have for me to look at.
They do have a large section about the civil war. I have an interest in the Civil war and had one great great grandfather and his brother fought in the civil war. I have a collection of Civil war books that I still need to read.
Sounds like I have alot to see tomorrow and in the future.
Well need to plan a trip to the library tomorrow. Will let you know what I see.
Thanks for stopping by ... Grace

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