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Friday, January 22, 2010

BUSY BUSY Getting Family Research Organized

Busy busy getting my family research books organized, I have so much to get organized and filed so I can continue on. Thing is I love to search and see what I can find. Will post some of those finds soon.
Yesterday I went to the thrift stores looking for books and what ever to sell on eBay ( suppliments our income) . I need some more three ring binders and found 2 for a $1.99 each. Both are in good condition and usable.
My Zion family is one main name and I had so many papers that my binders were stuffed. Last night I took out the other family names from that side of my family and filed in another notebook. I need to do the same with my Day family book next.
As I go through my note book I am putting in new larger tab divider sheets before the ancestors name. I can use the small tabs to divide their childrens sheets.
Then it is to piles of papers and start filing them where they belong.

Hope that your week is going good with your research and organization.

Thanks For Stopping By... Grace

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