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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting Organized with Family History in 52 weeks Week 3

We are at week 3 of getting our Family history organized. The following is our task.
1. Buy tons of top loading sheet protectors. I buy my at office depot. I buy most of my supplies there. I have a frequent customer card and get points for what I buy. I also turn in my used ink cartridges to them. They link this with my card and every 3 months I get a gift card to use at the store for what ever. Last quarter it was over $20.00, most came from my ink cartridges.

2 Now take all the papers from week 1 and put into your page protectors. File after the surname. If necessary make copies and put where needed after other surnames.

3. I put wedding certificates, birth certificates, letters right after the family group sheet. That way each family notebook becomes a wonderful book that family members will enjoy and understand. I have wonderful letters from my grandparents in Mylar sheets. That way I can enjoy reading them any time I want. They are save, protected and will not get lost among all the other papers. I never knew my father's mother and by reading her letters I get a sense of her. I only met my father's father twice and the first time as a young child. When I read those letters I see his reaction to my sister and me. I can read how my dad's brother's enjoyed seeing us as young children. These letters are greatly treasured and will be safely passed down for generations.

I also suggest making an extra copy of all the birth certificates, death certificates and filing in a file cabinet. That way if a distant cousin contacts you for a copy you can quickly make a copy for them. No need to take your family book to the copy store, that is if you do not have a home scanner.

Well that is our task for week 3. Once this is done and you get in the habit of putting these papers in your family notebook , you will hopefully do it as you find or receive a death certificate, copy of a letter or picture of an ancestor. As I find a picture of my ancestor's tombstone on http://www.ancestry.com/ or on http://www.findagrave.com/ I print a copy and put as the last page of that family member.

Just a couple of days ago I found the obiturary and grave stone of one of my great great grandmothers. You can read more of this if you like at http://myfamilyrootsrundeep.blogspot.com/2010/01/anna-woodmansee-milsap-my-great-great.html

Hope that you all have a wonderful week and that you find something out about a family member you did not know.
Thanks for stopping by... Grace

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