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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Antique Family Bibles Are Such Great Treasures

Here is another of my family treasures. At one time I had the pleasant task to be the keeper of our family bibles. Within the last year I have passed on one to each of my sons and my sister nows has two others at her home. But I have for now kept two of my favorites. Some day they will be passed on to my boys.

The smallest bible belonged to Louisa Marie Reynolds who married George Hall.
They had a son Arthur Reynolds Hall who married Mabel Coleman He passed it down to their daughter Alta Louise Hall.
Alta married my grandfather Perry Zion.
My father Arthur passed this down to me.
So this bible belonged to great great grandmother. She owned this when she was married to George Hall since she has signed it Louisa M Hall Evansville Wisconsin.

She has recorded her parents name and 7 sister's name with their birth dates. Her parents were John G Reynolds born 1800 and Mandania G Grover born 1815. She had amazingly beautiful handwriting.
The second bible belonged to my grandmother Alta Hall Zion. Inside there is this small note with my father's name and his address when he was in the merchant marines in 1943. She must of given it to him at that time.

The smallest bible is dated 1844
My grandmother's bible is not dated itself. She has written her name and my grandfather's name and the date 1911. She married grandpa Perry in 1913.

I love family bibles. Only one had family information written in it. What a treasure to have that written family history.

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  1. They truly are family treasures. Our ancestors never imagined as they held them in their hands how much we would value them today.