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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Surname Saturday Reynolds Family

Tonight for Surname Saturday I am doing the Reynolds family line using an Ahnentefel Report.(1) Grace Zion

(2) Arthur Zion married (3) Muriel Day in 1943. Arthur was son of(4) Perry Zion who married (5) Alta Hall

(5) Alta Hall was the daughter of (10) Arthur Reynolds Hall who married (11) Mabel Jane Coleman. Arthur was the son of (20) George Wilbur Hall and (21) Louisa Marie Reynolds.

above is Tombstone of Louisa Reynolds and Arthur Hall

(21) Louisa Marie Reynolds born 25 November 1832 in New York died 11 March 1899 Evansville Wisconsin daughter of

(42 ) John Gilbert Reynolds born 1802 and (43) Mandania Saxton Grover 1815 - 1855. John and Mandania had 8 children with Louisa being the oldest.

As of this time this is as far as I can go on this family line.

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