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Monday, October 4, 2010

Military Monday Civil War Records John T Lockwood

I have had several members of my family involved with the military during the wars our country has been involved in. From the revolutionary to World War 11.
Today for Military Monday I am sharing the civil war records of my great great grandfather John T Lockwood.
I had the pleasure of visiting the National Archives many years ago and while there was able to see and copy his Records.
From these records I was able to find out that he had grey eyes, dark hair, fair complexion and was 5' 9 1/2 " tall. That he was a farmer and had been born in New York.
John volunteered the 29Th day of August 1864 at Fond Du lac Wisconsin for one year as a private in Co. K Regt Wisconsin Calvary.
The Muster rolls show me that he was present but sadly do not tell me where he was other than September 6Th 1864 he was at town of Trenton, Dodge county sub district 38 and was due $100. On November 25Th 1864 he was in Madison Wisconsin and was due $100.

John served until he was mustered out June 12, 1865 at Memphis, Tennessee.

Last muster roll dated November 15,1865 at Austin Texas.
John's brother Ferdinand joined at the same time. I did not get his records from the archives. I am hoping to visit again some day and get these records or to order them if not able to visit.
I am still on the search for more information on John and hoping some day to come across a picture of him.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

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