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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday 1916 Family Photo of the DAY Family

For Wordless Wednesday ( Almost ) is a great vintage Day family photo. Pictured is as children ( in the middle ) my Uncle Don and Aunt Daisy. Holding them is their father's sisters. On the left is Gladys and on the right is Grace. It is dated 1916 and was taken probably in Minnesota, either Mora or Minneapolis.
Take a peek at my Great Aunt Gladys's hair bonnet. How funny but adorable.
All are gone from us now. I think of all of them often and have wonderful memories. My Aunt Daisy was a second mom and would take us every year on the train to Minneapolis from Duluth to visit great aunts Grace and Gladys, my uncle Don was also in my life. He married me to my first husband and we shared the same birthday date.

Thanks for stopping by... hope that you enjoyed seeing my vintage photo. Grace


  1. Do you mind if I steal your idea of Wordless Wednesdays? I love the idea of featuring an old photo each week!

  2. You are not stealing it. If you put wordless Wednesday in google you will find lots of them. Would love to hear back when you post one of your wordless wednesdays