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Monday, October 25, 2010

Amanuensis Monday Post 02 Robert Day of Ipswich England

Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the TransylvanianDutch blog) started his own Monday blog theme many months ago called Amanuensis Monday.What does "amanuensis" mean?John offers this definition:"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."
The subject today is Robert Day born about 1604 In Ipswich, Co, Suffolk, England and died 04 September 1648 at Hartford, Connecticut. Robert first married Mary last name not known in England. Robert and Mary emigrated from Ipswich, England to Boston in April 1634 aboard the ship Elizabeth. Mary died in 1634 in Cambidge Massachusetts at the age of 29. Robert remarried Editha Stibbins in 1635. They had four children Thomas, Sarah, Mary and John. I am a descendant of John. Robert Day is my 8th Great Grandfather.

Robert’s Will was dated May 20, 1648. Robert’s " inventory" was deemed to 142 pounds, 13 shillings, 6 pence. The following is a copy of the Will and Inventory of ROBERT DAY. ( It is verbatim including the spelling mistakes)
May 20th, 1648
The will of Robert Day hee being sick and weake, yet in perfect memory: doth order and dispose of his estate to his wife and children, in the manner following;
I give unto my beloved wife Edatha Day my now dwelling howse and howsing thereto adioyning, howse Lott, Allso all my Land whereof I stand possessed, or that right doth belong unto mee, lying in Hartford, during the tearme of her natural life: And at the end of her life, my will is that the said howse and land shall bee deuided in an equall proportion: my will allso is that all my howsehold stuff, and Cattle and other moueable goods shall bee my wiues to bring up my children: And in case my wife should bee married to another man, then my surviers of my will shall have power if they thinke good to take security for the bringing up of the children, and for so much estate as shall bee thought meete by them, and to this my last Will and Testament I make my wife my Executrix, and I doe desire my Deare Brethren Mr. Tailecoate, Willterton, and Stebbing, to take care of and Assist my wife in the ordering her selfe and my children, and I give them power to doe what in their judgements may bee for the best, to bring up my Children and dispose of them, and that I leave, for theire good And to this my last will I sett to my hand the day above written.
Edward Stebbing Robert Day
Wallter Gaylerd
14 October, 1648
An Inventory of the Goods of Robert Day deceased.
In the chamber: Impr. One bedstead; one feather bed, and feather Boulster and flock boulster: 2 pillows, & bed case and curtains. 2 blankitts, one red & yellow Couerlitt: 1 chest: 1 Box: 1 desck box: 1 table: 1 Cubberd and Chaiers: 3 paires of sheets: 6 napkins: 1 table cloth: 6 pillow beers: the wearing Clothes with 3 skinns: Linnen yearne and Cotton wool yearne: 2 Cushins: 1 paire of Bellows: 1 little Baskitt: 1 warming pann. In the hall : 1 Brass Kettle: 1 little kettle: 1 brass possnet; 1 brass pott: 1 Iron Pott: 1 brass Chaffin dish: 1 skimer: 7 pewter dishes and some broken pewter: 1 saser: 2 pewter potts: 1 Candlestick: 1 salte: 1 small bottle: 6 ockumy spoons, 2 porringers and old 4 old spoones: 1 Lattin dripping pann: 1 spitt, 1 pistol: 1 smoothing Iron: earthenware and wooden ware: 1 muskitt Bandleers and sword: 1 table and 2 chaires. In the sellar: Tubbs and Tables and formes. In ye little chamber: one flockbed, 2 blankitts: 1 couerlitt, 1 feather boulster, 2 feather pillowes, 2 bedsteads. 3 hogsheads, 2 Linnen wheeles, 1 woolen wheele, one Barrill, 1 table, 1 wheele, 1 hatchett: working tooles" 1 leather bottle: 1 paire of tongs: fier pann, grid Iron: frying pann, one trammell: Bookes and Sackes, and Ladders. One cow: 1 3 year ould heifer: one 2 yeare old heifer, with some hay to winter them: 2 hoggs, seuerall sortes of Corne with some hemp and flax. The dewelling howse and out howsing , howse lott and Garden. About 6 Akers of meadow, in severall parcells with upland.
John Tailecoate Summa Totalis 142: 13:06
Gregory Willterton
Edward Stebbing

Editha did remarry twice after Robert's death.
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