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Friday, October 1, 2010

Letter To My Grandpa Day October 1952 Age 4 Years

I am so glad my family kept little treasures of my past. Here is a letter I wrote to my grandpa Day in October 1952.

My mother had come down with Polio and my grandma Grace was visiting us in Texas.

Grandma writes

Dear Daddy ( what my grandma called my grandpa)

I know you can't read her little letter but she will be broken hearted if I don't let her send it she has begged so much to write a letter to Dampa. She wants you to kow she is glad I am here and she wants you to come to. She says she is coming home with me some day when mama gets better. She wants you to know mama can ride sitting up now and that mama lets her ride in her wheel chair. She prays for you every night too. Bye now love Grace

Sadly today is so much emails, text messages that generations from now may not have these long ago treasures.
Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

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