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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Those Places Thursday Where Did We Come From To My Great Great Grandparents

Where did we come from ... from me to my great great grandparents..

I born in Texas

Dad born Colorado
Mom born Minnesota 

Grandpa Zion Kansas
Grandma Hall Wisconsin 

Grandpa Day Minnesota
Grandma Esler Minnesota

Great Grandparents
Jonathan Zion Iowa
Rachel Millsap Iowa

Arthur Hall Wisconsin
Mabel Coleman Nebraska

William Albert New York

Carrie Lockwood  Minnesota

Andrew Daly unknown
Catherine Gallaher Wisconsin 

Great Great Grandparents
John Henry Coleman Indiana
Mary Cassell Illinois 

Flavious Millsap Indiana 
Anna Woodmansee Indiana

George Hall Vermont
Louisa Reynolds New York

John Henry Ohio
Alta Cheuvront Ohio

Dwight Henry Day New York
Betsy Anderson New York

John Lockwood New York 

Betsy Eddington New York

unknown gg grandparents
unknown gg grandparents

Patrick Gallaher Ireland
Johanna Riordan Ireland

31 birthplaces

Texas 1
Colorado 1
Vermont 1
Kansas 1
Illinois 1
Nebraska 1
Iowa 2
Indiana 3
Ireland 2
Ohio 2
Unknown 3
Wisconsin 3
Minnesota 4
New York 6

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