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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sepia Saturday

Happy Sepia Saturday... today it is about children in our family circle

The above photo is of my great grandfather William Albert ( 1867 - 1920 ) and one of his brother's    ( maybe Arley)

This photo is of my maternal grandfather William H Day and his siblings.
Pictured back row Fairfax ( 1894 - 1966), William H , ( 1889 - 1964) Morris (1891 - 1985 and Bernard ( 1896 - 1977)
Front row is Grace ( 1900- 1993) Dewey ( 1898 - 1929)  and Gladys.( 1899 - 1993)
Children of my great grandparents William Albert ( 1867 - 1920 ) and Carrie( Lockwood) Day ( 1870 - 1946)

 Above picture is of my daddy as a baby with his twin sister Alice and 2 of his brothers George and John. Brother Joe is not photo  and was born the next year.

This picture is of my father, sister Mary and me. My mother was in the hospital after coming down with polio. Taken about 1952

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  1. All very fine photographs. I especially like the one of you and your sister with your father - a rather handsome man. I do hope your mother recovered without any lingering effects?

  2. Delightful and well worth enlarging for the detail. The youngsters in the second picture share remarkable similarities. Interesting that the two girls died the same year, after a long life.

  3. great photos. One of the things that struck me was how different the photo styles were from generation to generation, but also how similar the children were as they posed for the camera. Good selection.

  4. Great photos with lots of character. I especially like the second which was nicely composed by the photographer.

  5. Thanks for sharing your family history!