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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Getting To Know My Lovejoy Ancestral Roots Post 1 John Lovejoy

Over the next few weeks I am going to be adding the Lovejoy 's to my family tree.  From John coming to America in about 1630 to the present I will travel through the generations.

The following information is from The Lovejoy Genealogy with Biographies and History 1460 - 1930
compiled, written, Edited and Published by Clarence Earle Lovejoy copyrighted 1930.
I bought a copy of this book over 10 years ago and it is full family trees.
I am sure there is new information found since 1930 and I look forward to finding it.

JOHN LOVEJOY of Andover, son of Rowland of England was the common ancestor of most of the Lovejoy families in America and was born in England about 1622.  He died in Andover, Massachusetts Nov 7th 1690.

The date of  when John Lovejoy immigrated to America has not been determined satisfactorily.  Some believe he arrived on April 11th 1630 in the ship " Arabella".  On that same ship some believe
that his future father in law traveled.  Other's believe that John's future father in law Christopher Osgood and his family came on the boat Mary and John arriving in 1633/4.

Similar differences of opinion exist about the exact date when John Lovejoy settled in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.

According to Abbot's History of Andover, the list of the first settlers is recorded on  a leaf in the town records and written in ancient hand. It is with out date, but probably was written when most of the settlers were still living, so is considered that it may be correct.

The list follows and is in the order of when they arrived.
Mr Bradstreet
John Osgood ( future father in law)
Joseph Parker
Richard Barker
John Stevens
Nicholas Holt
Benjamin Woodbridge
John Frye
Edmond Faulkner
Robert Barnard
Daniel Peer
Nathan Parker
Henry Jaques
John Aslett
Richard Blake
William Ballard
John Lovejoy my 9th great grandfather
Thomas Poor
George Abbot
John Russ
Andrew Foster
Thomas Chandler

John did not marry until another seven years.  How he lived and who he lived with I have no idea.

According to Miss S L Bailey's Historical Sketches of Andover, the third in the list of the first ten marriages in Andover was on Jan 1, 1651, John Lovejoy and Mary Osgood b 17 Mar 1633 or 32 Marlboro, Wilts, England d in Andover July 15, 1675.
They were married at Ipswich, Massachusetts by Rev Mr. Simons.

Children of John and Mary

Mary b April 11 1652 d Andover June 18 1677
Sarah b April 11 1654 d Andover February 22 1706
John b February 9 1655 d Andover July 14 1680
William b April 21 1656 or 57 d Andover July 9 1748
Ann b Dec 21 1659 d Andover Feb 29 1724
Christopher b Mar 1 1661/2 d Andover Mar 17 1736/7
Joseph b Feb 8 1662/3 d Andover June 5 1737
Benjamin b Dec 4th 1664 d 1689 while a soldier at Pemaquid Me
Nathaniel b May 29 1667 d Andover Mar 7 1752
Abigail b Aug 20 1669 d Andover May 2 1747
Deborah b Nov 4 1671
Ebenezer b Jan 22 1673 d Andover May 15 1760

John waited more than a year after the death of Mary Osgood , before he took as his second wife, Hannah Pritchard widow of  William Pritchard on February 12, 1676.  The marriage was in Andover, Massachusetts .
Hannah out lived John and died August 1 1705 in Andover of a cancer in her throat.

Interesting note is that Hannah and William Pritchard had a daughter Sarah born January 22, 1662. Sarah married her step brother Joseph Lovejoy my 8th great grandfather.

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