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Monday, May 23, 2016

Census Sunday Gasper ( Casper ) Fleenor 5th Great Grandfather

One of my ancestors has been hidden in the files on my desk.

Time for me to get to know the Fleenor  family line.

 I started Saturday with Surname Fleenor family name

Gasper was born March 4th 1750 in Germany and passed away January 11th 1825.

Parents are Johannes Flinner /Fleenor 1721 1789  and Anna E Minnich 1722 1780

Today I have printed out the census reports of Gasper and found him in 1810 and 1820

In 1810 Gasper was living in Washington County, Virginia with his family.

Free white persons Males 16 thru 25  2
Free white persons Males 45 and over  1
Free White persons Females 16 to 25  1
Free white persons Females 45 and over  1

In 1810 Gasper would of been about 60 years old  and his wife Margaretha would also been about 60 years old
In 1820 Gasper and Margaretha are the only ones living in the home.

I am only beginning to work on this family.

Their daughter Mary 1786 1852 married Michael Cassell 1763 1847.

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