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Saturday, May 21, 2016

John Lovejoy Will PAGE 5 and 6 Continuing Getting To Know My Lovejoy Ancestral Roots POST 6

Will of John Lovejoy PAGE 5 & 6 Getting To Know My Lovejoy Ancestral Roots POST # 6

I am researching my Lovejoy family over several posts.

John Lovejoy was born 1622 and passed away 1690.  John was first married to Mary Osgood who died July 15, 1675. John and Mary had 12 children.
He waited more than a year before marrying Hannah Pritchard.

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John Lovejoy's will continues Getting To Know My Lovejoy Ancestors Post 2
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John Lovejoy’s will is 6 pages

Page 5 of John Lovejoy will

I John Lovejoy of Andover in ye county of Essex in New England do declare this writing to be a further addition to my Will which heareth date ye 1st of September one thousand six hundred & Ninty with my hand and seale thereto (viz=) my will is that all my household Goods should be devided Equally between my son Ebenezer and my Daughter Deborah after my wifes decease.  And further my will is that my son Ebenezer pay or cause to be payed to my two daughters Abigaile and Deborah within one year after their marriage three pounds apiece in Neat cattle or sheep at ye price which those men shall judge them at which whith ye oversight of my son Ebenezer … Further I declare my will conerning my Grand child Frances Lovejoy that is now under my care and charge my will is that she  remaine with her Grandmother my loving wife, and her uncle my son Ebenezer until she be of eighteen years of age, and at the end of that terme of time, my will is that my son Ebenezer give her convenient clothing provided shee live with him until that age –Further I declare my will & desire that my Brother Thomas Osgood and my son William Lovejoy and my son Joseph Lovejoy be the men that shall have the oversight of my son Ebenezer until he come to age, also the oversight of my granddaughter above until her marrage desiring them to exercise parent all care and authority towards them in all things as if they were their own children, and also see that they doe carry themselves well and dutifull towards ye mother my dear wife, that they greive her not in her old as ye expect the Blessing of God upon you and yours - also I declare my will further concerning my son Ebenezer that he make no bargains at any time against the minds of these men above named which I appoint his overseers during the time of his non age : and I doe appoint my son Ebenezer and my loving wife executor and Executrix to this my last will , they acting in all difficult cases with the advice of those men, I have appointed overseers , hoping that they will see my dead body be decently buryed, they defraying my funerall expenses, I take my leave of them , the world , and all things else, within this vale of tears committing my soul into the hands of Jesus Christ my dear redeemer : with whom I hope to remaine world without end , amen, and for ye confirmation of this addition of my last will & testament I put to my hand and seale this twenty third day of October one thousand six hundred ninety.

Thomas Osgood                                       mark

Susannah Osgood                                John Lovejoy

Page 6
This being presented to my executor for Probate Thomas Osgood and Susannah Osgood give oath in Court at Ispwich March 31 1692 that they did see John Lovejoy signe  Seale and declare this instrument as an addition to his last will and that he was at that time of a disposing mind and composed for such a work
Copyd Reed  
as attest Thomas Wade Clk
Examined Attest Daniel Rogers Register

On reverse of will when folded copy of Mr Jno Lovejoy’s Will 7sh

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