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Friday, May 20, 2016

John Lovejoy Will Continues PAGE 4 Getting to Know My Ancestor POST 5

Will Of John Lovejoy PAGE 4 Getting To Know My Lovejoy Ancestral Roots POST # 5

I am researching my Lovejoy family over several posts.

John Lovejoy was born 1622 and passed away 1690.  John was first married to Mary Osgood who died July 15, 1675. John and Mary had 12 children.
He waited more than a year before marrying Hannah Pritchard.

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John Lovejoy's will continues Getting To Know My Lovejoy Ancestors Post 2
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To read page 3 click here

John Lovejoy’s will is 6 pages 

Page 4 of the will 

Last part of page 3 is Further my will is that my son Ebenezer pay to his sister Deborah Lovejoy or her heirs five pounds in good and merchantable corne or cattle within nine 
Page 4 continues years after my decease & as concerning 20 acres of Land in my great division of land which I value in price at twenty pounds in pay which Land above said I will to my three sons viz= Christopher Joseph and Nathaniel to dispose of among themselves as they please, Provided that they pay to their 4 sisters vis= Sarah Johnson Ann Blanchard Abigail Lovejoy Deborah Lovejoy I say they paying to their four sisters above said five pounds a piece in Currant merchantable Corne or cattle at ye price Currant within Twelve months & one day after my decease. Then that sister which hath not received her five pounds shall have Liberty upon their neglect to seize one fourth part of ye above said land upon my sons neglect & and not paying as above said Every sister above said hath ye same Liberty & In Testimony that this is my own Will & written according to my own mind In Every Degree & Tittle of it I say for confirmation of this my last Will & Testament I put to my hand & seale the first day September In ye year of our lord one thousand six hundred and ninety 

Thomas Osgood                                                The Mark of  + 

Susanah Osgood                                                 John Lovejoy

Att a Court att Ipswich March 31 1691 /2 Thomas & Susannah Osgood made oath in Court that they did see.  John Lovejoy signe and scale & declare this as his last will & testement & they signed as witnesses & that he was compound and is hereby allowed to be entered into record.

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