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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fearless Females Post 5 ~ How They Met

Fearless Females Blog Post ~ March 5 ~ How They Met?

I really do not know any stories how any of my ancestors met other than my parents. My father was in the Merchant Marines and docked in Duluth Minnesota. It was May of 1943. My father found a little church to attend church services at and there he met my grandparents Bill and Grace. Of course being the sweet people they were, he was invited for Sunday dinner. After all he was in uniform.

At my parents house on a table was my mother's picture. Story is my father fell in love with her at that moment.

He found out where she worked which was the Asia Cafe. He just happened to stop in and introduce himself.

They dated from that time until October 1943 when they married. During the months between meeting and marrying at times they were separated because of his job. They wrote to each other and I have the postcards my father wrote my mom.

This is a true love story and they were together till mama passed away in 1998. Dad passed on in 2008 and I know they are together again.

I wish I had other stories of ancestors meeting but I do not.
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