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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Surname Saturday Cassell Family

For Surname Saturday I am sharing my Cassell Family Name using an Ahnentefel Report.

(1) Grace Zion

(2) Arthur Zion married (3) Muriel Day in 1943. Arthur was son of (4) Perry Zion who married (5) Alta Hall

(4) Perry Zion son of (8) Jonathan Adam Zion and (9) Rachel Millsap.

(8) Jonathan Adam Zion son of (16) John Henderson Zion and (17) Mary Cassell

(17) Mary Cassell born 19 October 1834 in Coles Illinois.

Daughter of (34) Jonathan Cassell and (35) Elizabeth Carmichel. Mary died 20 Nov 1919 in Lamoni, Decatur, Iowa. Mary and Jonathan had five childeren, Mary Elizabeth, William McCormick, Jonathan, Etta Anna and Annie.

(34) Jonathan Cassell and (35) Elizabeth Carmicheal. Jonathan was born about 1812 in Virginia to (68) Michael Cassell and (69) Mary Fleenor. Married Elizabeth 22 October 1833 in Illinois and died 24 January 1845 in Illinois. Mary is the only child I know of of Jonathan and Elizabeth .

(68) Michael Cassell born 14 January 1763 to (136) Abraham Gabriel Cassell and (137) Martha Bessie Flinnar. Married Mary Flenor in 1831 in Coles Illinois and died 9 August 1847. Michael and Mary had 11 children. John (1799 - 1886) Michael (1805 - 1852) , Katherine (1808 ), Margaret (1810 - 1872) , Jonathan (1812 -1845), Malinda ( 1814-????), Soloman ( 1815- 1906), Elizabeth (1816 - ????), Nancy ( 1817- 1905), William ( 1822-1864), Isaac (1824- 1913)

(136) Abraham Gabriel Cassell born about 1695 in Hessen Germany. Abraham married (137) Martha Flinnar date unknown. Abraham died about 1766 in Virginia Minnesota. www.ancestry.com has information that he was married to Martha Bessie Flinnar and to a Martha Elizabeth Fleenor. Names are close in spelling so need more checking on these two women. Are they different or the same women. Ancesty is a great starting spot but sources are what it is all about.

(272) M Hessen Cassell ( abt 1660-1730) married ?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday Marriage of Katherine Gallaher and Appleton Esler 1893

It is Thursday and time for Treasure Chest Thursday. This is the marriage certificate of my great grandmother Katherine Gallaher when she married Appleton Esler. Appleton was not the father of my grandmother but raised her as his and my mother and her brother and sister always talked fondly of him and that he was their grandfather.

I love these old fancy documents. This one is in 4 pieces so quite fragile. It tells me that they married 12 of December 1893 in Wisconsin at Shelby Lat Co. ( not sure what this is but Shelby was a town in Wisconsin. E Markle was the justice of the peace and witnesses were Carolina Markle and Miss Bridget Gallaher ( sister of Katherine)
Glad that I have this great old piece of history to share with other family members.
Thanks for stopping by... Grace

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday George Frederick Lockwood

For today's Tombstone Tuesday I am sharing my great great uncle George Frederick Lockwood. He was born on 03 Sep 1844 in New York, USA and died 18 Nov 1917 in Ortonville City, Big Stone, Minnesota.

George was my great great grandfather John T Lockwood's brother.
Thanks for stopping by... Grace

Monday, October 4, 2010

Military Monday Civil War Records John T Lockwood

I have had several members of my family involved with the military during the wars our country has been involved in. From the revolutionary to World War 11.
Today for Military Monday I am sharing the civil war records of my great great grandfather John T Lockwood.
I had the pleasure of visiting the National Archives many years ago and while there was able to see and copy his Records.
From these records I was able to find out that he had grey eyes, dark hair, fair complexion and was 5' 9 1/2 " tall. That he was a farmer and had been born in New York.
John volunteered the 29Th day of August 1864 at Fond Du lac Wisconsin for one year as a private in Co. K Regt Wisconsin Calvary.
The Muster rolls show me that he was present but sadly do not tell me where he was other than September 6Th 1864 he was at town of Trenton, Dodge county sub district 38 and was due $100. On November 25Th 1864 he was in Madison Wisconsin and was due $100.

John served until he was mustered out June 12, 1865 at Memphis, Tennessee.

Last muster roll dated November 15,1865 at Austin Texas.
John's brother Ferdinand joined at the same time. I did not get his records from the archives. I am hoping to visit again some day and get these records or to order them if not able to visit.
I am still on the search for more information on John and hoping some day to come across a picture of him.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace