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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wordless Wednesday #22 New Found Photos of Great Grandparents Arthur Hall and Mabel Coleman Hall

Wordless Wednesday is her but I can not ever be totally wordless

Cousin shared two photos of my great grandparents Arthur Hall and Mabel Jane Coleman Hall.
So nice to see photos of them in their early married years.

I think that they are so adorable.

Mabel and Arthur Hall

 Grandma Alta and her little sister Mae

Arthur, Belle, Mabel, Alta and Mae

To read more about the Hall family click here or the Coleman family click here

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tombstone Tuesday Marcia Lacy 4th Great Greatmother Paternal Side

back of head stone and foot stone 

For Tombstone Tuesday I am sharing about one of my 4th great grandparents Marcia Massy Lacy wife of Robert Millsap.

Marcia was born 8th of August 1764 August Virginia and passed away 19th of April 1842 Brown Indiana

Seven children born to them.

William Bela Millsap 1797–1885
James Millsaps 1798–1860
Gabriel Millsaps 1801–
Anna Millsaps 1803–
John Millsaps 1805–1892
Marcy Millsaps 1805–
Gamatiel Armstrong Millsaps 1824–1908

Family line

Arthur Zion married Muriel Day
Perry Zion married Alta Coleman
Jonathan Zion married Rachel Ann Millsap
Rachel daughter of
Flavious Armenious Millsap married to Anna Woodmansee
Bella Millsap married to Elizabeth McQuire
and Marcia Lacy wife of Robert Millsap

On This Day Remembering Katherine Gallaher Great Grandmother Happy Birthday

On this day May10th I am remembering my great grandmother Katherine Gallaher.
Happy birthday grandma.

To read more about her click on the link.
If you think we are related please message me..