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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Time Line Thursday Robert Day of England my 8th Great Grandfather

Tribute to founders of Hartford

Time Line of Robert Day

1603 James V1 of Scotland becomes the king of England

1604 Robert born in Ipswich, Co. Suffolk, England to unknown parents

bef 1634 marries Mary last name unknown in England

1634 April emigrated with Mary from England to Boston aboard the ship Elizabeth.

1635 Buys house on west side of Garden Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts

1634/ 1635 wife Mary dies in Cambridge, Massachusetts

1639 Robert moves to Hartford, Conn where he is one of the original settlers and proprietor of Hartford, his home is on lot #5 .

While Connecticut was first explored by the Dutch , the first permanent settlement were made by English Puritans from Massachusetts, starting in 1633. From the first, Connecticut enjoyed a great measure of political independence, proclaiming in its Fundamental Orders of 1639 a democratic principle of government based on the will of the people. These Fundamental Orders are said to have been the first written Constitution of a democratic government; that’s why Connecticut today is nicknamed "The Constitution State."Agriculture and trade were primary activities of 17th century colonists, but because of limited land Connecticut people quickly turned to manufacturing.

1635 06 May Robert was made a " freeman" which shows he belonged to some church. He was chosen viewer of chimneys and ladders.

1635 Robert marries Editha Stebbins.

1636 son Thomas is born in Hartford

1638 son John is born in Hartford my 7th great grandfather

1640 daughter Sarah is born in Hartford

1642 daughter Mary is born in Hartford. Interesting note on Mary. She is a descendant on my mother's side. Her 3rd husband was John Coleman my 8th great grandfather on my father's side. She is my great aunt 7x on mother's side of family.

Tombstone of daughter Mary Day

1648 September 04 Robert passes away at the age of 44 years.

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