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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finding 3rd Great Grandmother Sally Grimes In The Census

Last night I wrote about one of my 3rd great grandmother's Sally Grimes. I had found her in the 1840's and 1850's census but not earlier census.
Tonight I decided to work on her father Nathan Grimes at www.ancestry.com and by finding him in the census the hints came up finding her.

In 1840 she is living in Oxford, Grafton County, New Hampshire. Living with her is her five daughters. Three under age 5 and 2 between the ages of 10 to 14. Here two sons George and John Alonzo are not listed with the family. Who are they living with.
I wish this census would tell us her occupation. How did she support herself and her family.

Her father and family are living in the same town at this time. They are on page 9 of 18 while she is on page 7 of 18.

The 1850 census has her living in Royalston, Worchester, Massachusetts with daughter Sally Rebecca who is called Rebecca in this census. Will have to search further who is living near her.

Always another question to think about and another fact to try and figure out. One great hunt after another. That is what makes it alls so intriquing.

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  1. There is no Oxford, New Hampshire. There is a town named Orford, and in Maine there is an Oxford. Orford is in Grafton County. Perhaps someone transcribed the name incorrectly?