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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday Memories Of My Mom, Kirsten and Marilyn

For Treasure Chest Thursday I am sharing toys that belonged to my mother and hand made treasures from my granddaughters Kirsten.

My mom was born in 1922 so these toys are probably from the late 1920's to early 1930's.

Towards the end of my mother's time with us she would give us a belonging of hers at Christmas time rather than buying something. Those gifts are more priceless than any bought gift.

One year she gave me her old toys, a tin tea set and a old phone. Yes young people phones use to looked like this. At this time the toys sit on a book shelf. At one time I use to have an old lawyer's book case. The kind of book case with glass and you would lift up the front to get inside.

I would place all my treasures inside to protect from hands of my grandchildren. They would love to look inside to see what was there. One rule was look but do not open. If you want to touch something ask me to open.

I have two distinct memories of these treasures and my granddaughters.

One is granddaughter Kirsten looking inside to see the treasures she made me. She was proud of her work and wanted to make sure they were there. Yes they were still there. Part of my treasure collection.
Today they sit on my kitchen window shelf. That way I see them every day. I look out the window I see them. I prepare food on my table there they are. Some of my most priced treasures.

Second memory is of granddaughter Marilyn. She would sit in front of the book case and stare at the pretty treasures in grandma Grace's bookcase.

I turned my back on Marilyn one time and when I turned around She had figured how to open the glass door and was sitting on the floor playing with my mom's tin cups and saucers.

Some day I may have to buy myself another lawyer's bookcase.

Memories of family is what keeps me going some days.

thanks for stopping by for Treasure Chest Thursday... please come again real soon... Grace

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  1. I enjoyed your post, and I agree that gifts from a mother or grandmother's treasure chest is far better than anything you can purchase. Thanks!