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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vintage Family Real Photo Postcard Trying To Identifying It

I love old photos and postcards and if they relate to family all the better.

Take a peek at this great Real Photo Postcard. It came out of family papers.

This group of children are standing in front of a black board with writing so they are in school.
Take a peek at their clothing. Young man second child from the right is in a sailor outfit. The hats the bonnets are amazing. There is young boy and girl second row and she is holding on to his arm. Probably her brother.

The back is unused except for a question mark some one wrote. The stamp area is marked by Velox around it with triangles dates it 1909 to 1914.

I noticed a big clue. On back is marked L E Conger Druggist, Mora Minnesota. This tells me it is from my mother's side of the family.

Such an adorable group of children. Wish I knew who they were. Need to study it more.

My grandmother Grace lived in Mora at this time with her family. She would of been 17 so not her but could very well be her younger sister Merle born 1906 or brother Wayne born 1909.

Next step is to see if by chance there are any photos of them as children.

I love a good mystery .. may not be able to solve this positively but think I am on the right track...

Thanks for stopping by.. hope that you come back real soon Grace

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