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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Tip : Read A History Book

Last night I wrote about my great great grandmother Johanna Riordan Gallagher. My Irish immigrant grandmother. I know so little of her and her life it is sad. No stories told to me by my grandmother. What can I do?

I know that she was born in Ireland and came to America in the 1850's. There is a Joanna Riordan who came on the " Lockwood " in 1852. This could be her. I checked the " Lockwood" list for other Riordans and only other name listed was a Marlin Riordan age 35. Johanna is listed as 18 years old. I was told her father was Dennis Riordan so who is Marlin? Maybe a relative, maybe not. Did young women 18 years old travel by themselves? I have no idea.

My goal is to read more books this year. I have read a fiction thriller already. Of course I started it end of December, but finished it this year. I want to read more non fiction. I want to read books that will give me an idea of what my ancestors went through.

Tonight I plan to start a book I bought several years ago when I visited Ellis Island. I have looked through it but never really read it. It is " The Irish American Family Album " by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler.

As of now I only have one photo and no stories of my great great grandmother Joanna. I do hold out hope that some where out there I will find more photos of her and her husband Patrick Gallagher. For now I will view photos of other immigrants and hear their stories. Their stories are my ancestor's stories.

Thanks for stopping by.. hope that you come back again.. Grace


  1. I like your tip, so simple, yet something I've never done. Guess I think, regular research is more important, but now I see the value of a history book NF or a F in a historical setting with facts can be useful. Getting the "feel" is important. Thanks for your tip.

  2. I'm duplicating something someone else has done: I'm giving you the Ancestor Approved Award. I didn't see it on your blog when I looked yesterday, but I see it today. So I guess you've been doubly awarded! I posted your blog and link at my own blog: http://nancysfamilyhistoryblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/award-and-favorites.html.