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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Easter is almost here guys.  I always loved Easter, it meant a new hat to wear to church.  I am sure I did not get new gloves.  I usually wore an extra pair of my mother's.  But I did get a new hat for Easter and maybe a new coat.  Here are some of my youthful Easter outfits.
This is 1961, either someone said something funny to get me to grin or it is a bit of my shyness coming out.  That coat sure is busy for a little person. I never got to 4'11 and now am shrinking as I age at the moment I am 4 ' 10". Pretty big purse also don't you think.

A year later and another picture of me with my sister and cousin Bonnie. New hats, coats . My sister and I had matching coats, I think mine was beige and hers was blue. No purses in this picture. My sister is the only one wearing gloves and even is sporting a watch. This picture was 1962.

I just spotted this picture in my family album, same girls, coats and hats but this one is in color and this time my cousin Bonnie has the gloves on.  I guess they are the traveling gloves. And yes my coat is beige. I always loved that coat.

As we get closer to Easter I need to decide if I will find a fancy hat to wear to church or just go bare headed. Maybe I will even find a new coat for Easter.

Thanks for stopping by.. and if you think we are related I would love to hear from you. Grace

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  1. Oh the 1960's and Easter. A great time for hats and gloves. Thanks for the memories and inspiration for an Easter Post on CollectInTexas Gal. I think you should definately get a new HAT this Easter. Everyone will wish they had one...AGAIN, too! I'm going to wear my new Pink Cowgirl hat....yipeeee!