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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Sunday, March 4, 2012


March 5 — How did they meet? You’ve documented marriages, now, go back a bit. Do you know the story of how your parents met? Your grandparents?

The story of my mother and dad meeting is sweet. Daddy was in town and docked as a merchant marine.  Went to church on Sunday and was invited to Sunday lunch at my grandma and grandpa's home.  He saw my mama's picture on the mantel, found out where she was working and went down to introduce himself.  That was in May and in October they married.  I love the story of how they met.

I do not know how any one else met in my family.  My own story is that my second husband was in town on business, happened to be a night club I was at and asked me to dance.

My first husband threw pop corn at my head in the movie theatre to get my attention.

I wish I knew how my grandparents met but I never asked. 

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