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Sunday, March 18, 2012

How To Lose A Relative With Out Really Trying Mistakes In Census Recordings

Today while sitting at McDonald’s sipping on my soda pop I am wandering Ancestry searching for sources on my McCormick Zion family. I especially want to see what and where his children are going. The 1850 census is missing my McCormick Zion but there is a Dion McCormick. Sure enough after clicking on the census there are my McCormick Zion and his family recorded. Trouble is the person who transcribed the census recorded him as Dion McCormick 55 with wife Elizabeth 52, son John 19 and son Andrew McCormick age 17. In truth this is really McCormick Zion and all the family members with the last name Zion not McCormick. I am hoping by this find I will see what happened to Andrew Zion.  Great family stories can come by searching for siblings of our ancestors. John aka Jonathan is my ancestor.  I may learn more if I can learn more about Andrew.

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