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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fearless Females Days Post 24 Food Religion and Mama

Where does time go last day I posted on Fearless Females it was March 6th. Now it is the 11th and I have missed 4 days of postings if you do not count today.  Where have I been or what has been happening in my life to space out these postings I had wanted to do.   Life has happened I guess. I get all wrapped in hunting for treasures, going to auctions, dealing with things happening in the family or even coming down with a cold and spending some time in bed to get a jump on it. So for those days I missed I will link up to last years postings and maybe even the 11th day of March.  So please take a moment and read about some of my Fearless Females.

Fearless Females March 7th  Favorite Recipes

Fearless Females March 8th Diaries  this one is on my mama

Fearless Females March 9th  Family documents

Fearless Females March 10th Religion

Fearless Females March 11th Tragic or Unexpected Deaths this is from last year and is about my dad's mother my grandma Alta.  I never got to meet her and that is tragic because my dad loved his mama so much.

Well I am now caught up with Fearless Females through today. Time will tell if tomorrow is new or a repeat from last year.  Thanks for stopping by and if you think we may be related I would love to hear from you. Grace

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