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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fearless Females Post 25 ~ Working Grandmas ~ 1910 Work Place

Fearless Females ~ March 12 ~ Working Girl

So many of my family members spent time in the home taking care of their families, but before marriage some of them did work.

I was surpised to find in the 1910 census that my grandma Grace worked as a telephone operator.  I do not remember her ever telling me that.  The census tells me she was 17 years old and living at home with her mother, step father and half sister Merle and half brother Wayne.

I do know that my grandma Alta taught school before marrying Grandpa Perry in Colorado. The year is 1910 and she is 17 years old and teaching in a public school.

Each of my grandmas worked before marrying after that they stayed home to take care of their families.
Thranks for stopping by lets keep saving together Grace

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  1. What an very interesting topic!

    My Grandmother, Florence, was widowed young with 5 children to raise. She opened a pet shop, selling seeds, corn and horsemeat in a little handcart which my uncles and Dad pulled round the streets of Liverpool. She had three shops eventually, but all ended when WWII started, as many people gave up their pets and her suppliers sold the meat for human consumption. Liverpool was repeatedly bombed, her sons were called up to fight, and my Aunt, her daughter, went into munitions work. What did she do? She opened her large living room up as a small dance hall and sold homemade teas to the troops! Marvellous woman - I wish I knew her for longer - I was 10 when she died.

    Thanks for your lovely piece about your mother - she would be so proud of you and your blog!