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Saturday, March 3, 2012


A common phrase when I was growing up was shirt tail relatives. Just what does that really mean.  What brought forth these memories of past family phrases was a blog posting I read at It's a long long journey about shirt tail relatives.
Back in the fifties they would just say " oh he is just a shirt tail relative rather than he is your first cousin three times removed. Huh what do you mean first cousin three times removed? No wonder they just said shirttail relative.
I want you to meet one of my shirttail relatives that I just discovered on Ancestry.

This is Alonzo D Anderson and family. My family Day history book has his name spelt as Llonzo so there can be a little confusion there. 
While paging through this Day family book to scan and post some pictures at Ancestry I spotted this picture of Llonzo 1859 to 1928 and his wife Mary Nellie Everett Anderson 1860 to 1916. Pictured with them are daughter Coite 1890 to 1986 and son Clyde1883 to 1948 . I had no idea who this person was or why they were on a page of Days.
While updating my Anderson family on Ancestry I was working on Abraham Anderson the brother of my 2nd great grandmother Betsey Anderson Day. While searching records for his children I found Alonzo and his wife and children. Here is my shirttail relative who played with another shirttail Day relative. This is the Anderson that was mentioned in my Day family history book. Mystery solved I know who this family is now. Alonzo is my first cousin 3rd time removed or as grandma would of said a " Shirttail relative "

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

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