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52 Weeks Of Personal Genealogy History

Thursday, March 29, 2012


A small white envelope with photos can be a real family treasures. A way to glimpse at faces from years ago.

This photo was taken in 1941 on the 30th anniversary of my grandma and grandpa Days wedding. It was probably taken in either Mora or Ogalvie Minnesota at my grandparents home.

I see a picture of my mama in her late teens ( back row 2nd from left, next to her is my beloved aunt Daisy and uncle Don. Of course my sweet grandpa and grandma are in the front row on the right hand side.
It looks like grandma Grace is sittinga bit forward and straight so she appears taller than everone else sitting. She is surrounded by her husbands family.

What I can glimps at is a picture of my great grand aunt Grace and her first husband Lloyd.  I remember her but never met him. They are are the left hand side.

 Next to grandma Grace is my grandpa Bill's mother Carrie.  She is small and much older than my minds eye of her. I see a sweet soft gentle face and wish I had known her. I am guessing she was strong and a survivor. She survived the early death of her first husband.  She went on to meet a second man and lived a quiet life by a lake. I am guessing she was very happy in her later years.

I am glimpsing for the first time the face of great grandma Carrie's sister Stella and her husband Harvey. I know nothing about her at this time.

It is interesting to look at pictures that are over 70 years old. To see faces you remember and faces you never met.  To wonder what they talked about and how they felt about what was happening in the world at that time.

I bet the cake was good, my grandma made fantastic cakes. And of course there would of been coffee with cream and sugar. The table would of been set with the company dishes. They would of been placed on a crisp ironed table cloth.

I sure there was laughter and lots of talking about what was happening in their lives and the lives of those not there.

Grandma Grace's mother and step father were dead. Grandpa Bill's father was dead. Grandma Grace's siblings were not there with two having moved recently to Michigan and the others in the twin cities of Minnesota. No matter I am sure they had a good time at the party.

Thanks for stopping by for Treasure Thursday. If you think we may be related I would love to hear from you.

 I have shared this picture at ancestry for other family members to see and have.

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  1. Me thinks, me and thee share a love affair with old, and not so old, pictures, and the stories they tell (or at least give a hint).