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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Have To Begin Some Where ~ Starting The Family History Writing Challenge

I have decided it is time to put some of the information I have on my ancestors into print. Time to write my first story. My first piece of family history. After over 15 years of collecting census reports, on line stories that have been passed down and any other small piece of information found I will begin.

February there is a writing challenge out in the blog world. A Family History Writing Challege.
I have decided to take this challenge, to make it a goal to write for the next 29 days. Starting on the 1st of February I will write, whether it is 250 words or 500 words I will write every day.

I have decided to start with my 5th great grandfather Joseph Cheuvront.

What has stopped me from putting my family story into words?   FEAR that is what.  After all I am not a writer.  I do write on my blog but that is for fun, to help me learn and practice my writing. A place to go out and find others who are interested in my love of genealogy.

My first story may not be great or even good but it will be my story of the Cheuvront family. It will be the first chapter of a great pioneering family. It starts with Joseph and ends with Alta Cheuvront who then marries a Coleman.  I have always been intrigued with Alta one of my name sakes

But I am getting ahead of myself. For now I will concentrate on Joseph story.

Interested in joining us on the writing challenge please do. Just go ahead and sign up .

My first question was where do I start?  I just finished reading Lynn's post on Do you have a story plan ?   Simple easy way to take a look at it. 

I have listed my bullet points on Joseph as follows

  • Joseph arrives on the Virginia from France December 1773 from London
  • The birth of John in France 2nd of February 1757
  • The first four years in America
  • Marries Elizabeth daughter of John or Moses Ellsworth
  • The birth of his 11 children between 1777 to 1798
  • 1780 enlisting in the Revolutionary war and continuing until the surrender of Cornwallis on the 19th of October 1781
  • Elizabeth dies of Typhoid Fever the 18th of August 1800
  • The story of being a Methodist minister from about 1780 and for most of his life.  A piece of his last words were that he served the Methodists as " exhorter, class leader, steward, local preacher, traveling preacher and presiding elder.
  • Remarries in 1802 and has four more children with Sarah Bollen
  • The next years with family, enjoying his family, his country and preaching.
  • The last days of Joseph, his last words and his will.  Joseph passes away on the 15th of June 1832 in Good Hope, West Virginia.
So this is my story line, my first story line. Where it will lead me I do not know but I will share some of my challenge with you over the month of February.
Thanks for stopping by, if you think we may be related through Joseph or any other relatives listed on the side bar I hope that you will contact me.


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