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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Whispers Of My Ancestors In My Ears Anna Woodmansee Continues

While reading blogs tonight I found Angels in my Ear which was referred by Armchair Genealogists.
She has just started out writing her blog.  I look forward to continuing to read her writings. She talks about putting depth and more to our family history besides the dates we find.

I often sit and wonder about my ancestors. What was their lifes like, what were their dreams and hopes. How did they handle the saddness in their lives. At times I wish they would whisper in my ear. Tell me their secrets.

Today I shared the obituary of my great great grandmother Anna Woodmansee. The last part talked about her long suffering. It reads She has been a great sufferer for several years, but has bore her suffering with patience and christian fortitude. What is meant by that? Did she suffer from some disease, some unknown sadness to me. I wonder?
I did find this wonderful picture of one of her sons on ancestory tonight. This is George Everett Millsap and his family. I love ancestory and how their is sharing of family pictures for others to enjoy and put into their family research books. Pictured is six children, I found out that they had one more son who lived only about three years.

While searching swag found this site about abandoned cemeteries in Decatur where my ancestors lived. It mentions Millsaps. More research needs to be done here. Anna married Flavious Armenious Millsap.

Thanks for stopping by as I share my family members and what I am finding about these wonderful people who came before me. I want to learn more about all of them. Your friend in family research Grace

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