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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today is Wordless Wednesday or Almost Wordless Wednesday for me. I am sharing two mystery relative of mine.  These photos were found in a family albums belonging to my great grandma Katherine Gallagher/ Gallaher or her sister Mary Gallagher.

 First question is the last name. Which way is it spelled. Their Irish accent could make it sound like their is no G.

This is the first photo. It is marked M Gallaher, M could mean Mr or maybe could be a first initial. Only the writer of this album would know, my guess is Mr.
My Patrick Gallagher/ Gallaher arrived from Ireland around 1850 maybe.  I know nothing as of yet of this family before they arrived in Wisconsin. I am not sure what port they came into, maybe New York.
My thoughts are that this could be a photo of a brother of my great great grandfather Patrick and while my Patrick moved to Wisconsin this Gallagher traveled to Ontario.
He appears to be an older gentleman well dressed.

The second photo is of a young girl from the early 1900's or very late 1890's. The name is Rose in the album, she also is well dressed. I am guessing she is about 12 years old. She could be the young daughter of the above man or maybe even a grand daughter.
Both photos are taken in Guelph Ontario by Dobereiner and Ward.

These albums are full of photos. Some identified and some not. I am hoping with the census reports and these pictures I can put some of the history together. A trip to LaCrosse Wisconsin and Winona Minnesota is in the plans for this year to search for more information.

I have had contact with a distant cousin who has information on this family from the court house. She mentioned that she would share some of these items with me but sadly never came through.

If you think you may be related to me through this or any other family listed I would love to hear from you.  Grace


  1. My husband's "Gallagher" line is definitely Irish. When they came here it was spelled the way it is pronounced in Ireland which is Gallaher/Gollaher/Golliher, etc. The g is not pronounced in Ireland. Over here, when we see it spelled Gallagher, we pronounce it with a hard g which is really sort of incorrect, but it stuck. My husband's gggrandfather was Benjamin Austin Gollaher, well known for having saved Abraham Lincoln's life when they were boys. I've written 8 or 9 blogs about him. His name was rarely ever spelled "Gallagher" in any records I've found.

  2. thanks for responding, I was at the library yesterday and read about the same thing, that there was many different spellings for the name Gallaher