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Monday, January 30, 2012

Joseph Cheuvront Leaving London 1773 For America On The Virginia

As I posted last night I have joined the Family History Writing Challenge. I decided to start with one of my 5th great grandfather. He is one of my grandfathers that I was able to copy material from at the National Archives.
The start of my story will be his journey on the Virginia after departing London.  Last night I spent time researching the Virginia, I wanted to find out what I could about this ship that crossed the Atlantic with Joseph.
My questions are how large was the Virginia? What were the conditions of the trip ?
 How long did it take to cross the Atlantic? The passenger list of the "Virginia"  has it sailing was Dec 18 through the 22 of 1773, arriving in New York.

 Here is a copy of the Passenger List of the Ship
sailing Dec. 18-22, 1773
(transcribed from a photcopy of an unknown published source)
Name of passenger, age, occupation, and where from
(all the passengers were listed as indentured servants for four years)

Ashburne,Wm., 28 cutler (knife-sharpener or seller) London
Auber, Peter, 26 dyer (textile dye specialist) London
Beate(?), Lewis Pack, 28 farmer London
Boyd(?), Wm., 26 husbandman (tenant farmer) Ireland
Brandes, Henry, 33 cordwainer (leather worker) London
Burgess, Wm., 34 weaver London
Cagaux, Peter, 26 cooper London
Challe (Ohalle, Ohalie?) Peter, 23 blacksmith London
Cheauvant, Jos., 20 gilder (applies gold leaf) London Chegailles(?), Alex. 21 hatter (hatmaker), painter London
Chevaillier(?), Ant., 21 brickmaker Westminster
Dane, George, 33 cabinetmaker London
Dawson, John, 22 ostler(?) Surrey
Disbonne, Chas., 30 taylor London
Fleming, Jas., 26 husbandman (tenant farmer) Cornwall
Fogg, Wm., 23 blacksmith Warwickshire
Garth, John, 20(?) sawyer (saws lumber into boards) London
Harris, Richd. 36 gardener London
Harris, Sarah 21 semptress (seamstress) London
Hill, Thos., 35 schoolmaster Essex
Howard, Thos., 26 surgeon London
Elizabeth his wife, 23 London
Isaac, Jos., 19 perukemaker (wigmaker) London
Jameson, (?), 21 husbandman (tenant farmer) London
Ketler, (?) Carl, 21 taylor London
Kilman, Wm., 23 blacksmith Scotland
Lawrence, Antho., 36 cabinetmaker
Leek, (Jonathan?), 17 whitesmith (tinsmith) Worcestor
Macquet, Peter, 24 locksmith London
McCloud, (Jonathan?) 28 laborer Lodon
Nuir, Alexd., 21 weaver Scotland
Oakeley, John, 19 perukemaker (wigmaker) London
O'Brian, Arch., 24 butcher Dublin
Ockershanson(?), (Jonathan?), 25 baker London
Ogelvie, Robt., 19 husbandman (tenant farmer) London
Onwin, (Jonathan?), 17 baker Greenwich
Parker, Wm., 22 edge tool maker Deptford
Parrott, Benjm., 32 carpenter London
Pemberton(?), Thos., 20 bricklayer Chester
Smith, Benjm., 24 bricklayer Westminster
Stevenson, Jos., 25 carpenter; joyner (skilled carpntr)Westminster
Thomas, Richd., 35 haberdasher London
Tudor, Robt., 18 leather dresser London
Weatherfield, (Jonathan?), 20 blacksmith London
Welch, John, 31 malster (brewer, malt seller) Surrey
Wood, Thos., 23 schoolmaster Surrey
Yeates, John, 24 weaver Westminster
Young, John, 21 blacksmith London

 I found an interesting story while searching through Swag Bucks about the Virginia.  On November 7, 1774, residents of York County threw a “tea party,” reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party of 1773. They boarded the " Virginia and threw off some of its tea. That was less than a year after Joseph traveled on the same ship from London.
So much history happened during this period of Joseph arriving in America.

This is the beginning of my ideas for the begining of my history on Joseph. Hope that you come along as I learn more and write about my ancestor.

If you think you may be related to me through Joseph or any one else listed on the side bar please let me know. Grace

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